About The D7 Dads’ Club

We are a non-profit dedicated to just having fun and making sure our community is strong and united.

The D7 Dad’s Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fun safe sports to the children in Dearborn Heights.  With a variety of sports to choose from, your child will enjoy their time playing.

Benefits Of Youth Sports

About The D7 Dad's ClubThere are many benefits for children to playing sports. Youth Sports help provide mental, emotional, and social health as well as physical health. By playing sports kids experience lower rates of anxiety and depression as well as less stress.

Youth sports also provide children with higher self-esteem and confidence. When a child takes part in sports their physical health improves such as bone health, weight status, and increased cardiorespiratory fitness.

Preparing Kids For Success

There have been many studies linking sports to educational and career success for kids. Sports will help them improve teamwork social skills and social responsibility. In addition, it will improve skills such as time management, work ethic, negotiation, and empathy.  As you can see there are many benefits for children to play youth sports. Register your child today!

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