If above named child is accepted on a team, rules and regulations of the League and/or Club will be abided by, and in the case of injury, the League School District 7 and/or Club will not be held resonsible.

do herby give our (my) approval and consent for his or her participation in the activities of the Dearborn Heights District 7 Dads' Club, hereinafter called the Club, and in consideration of his or her participation, hereby agree(s) as follows:

That the Club shall have the exclusive services of the above named player of specific team to which the Club has designed him or her.

That we(I) will be responsible for all equipment issued to the above player and to immediately return the equipment upon demand and indemnify the Club if the equipment is not returned for reason whatsoever

That we(I) will furnish to the above player any equipment the Club shall deem neccessary for his or her health and safety.

That we(I) pay any assessment of fees set by the Club

That we(I) will indemnify and save harmless from all actions or proceedings to recover damages for injury received by the above player by or through the CLub, it's agents, coaches or officials while participating in any activities of the Club, including tranportation to and from any activity.

We (I) hereby certify that the information given in the application to the Dearborn Heights District 7 Club is correct.

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